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Diyas in Labrodarite - Set of 4


INR 1,875


Set of four Diyas crafted with sheer perfection from natural Labradorite gemstones are perfect pick for those who seek beyond mundane. Designed in traditional pattern, the lamp with illustrative shine and flashes would make a charming lighting for festive and special occasions. The durable lamps are special due to the healing properties of the gemstone. Labradorite imparts spiritual energies of perseverance, balance, faith and protects the aura. You may place these lamps in puja altar or near entrance of your house or office during festivals or grand puja occasions too add beauty to space with soft glow.

Lighting of Diya lamps during Diwali is incomplete as it denotes dispelling of darkness and negativity. Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of abundance and fortune is believed to grace houses which are beautifully decorated and well lit on this day.

Top Diameter: 0.7 (H) x 1.8 (L) x 1 (B) inches
Weight of set: 136 gms