Emerald Bracelet in silver caps


AUD 129.97


Origin: Zambia

A lovely Bracelet made of 100% natural Emerald Gemstone beads, designed with pure Silver caps, looks beautiful when worn as jewellery or for healing purpose. Emerald or Panna(in Hindi) is one of the most popular gemstones, richly endowed with several healing properties. It is sought after as a stone of the heart, brings love, compassion and forgiveness for self and others and heals the heart. Wearing Emerald stone, bestows prosperity, good luck, fortune and abundance for which the gemstone is favoured over the world. It brings peace, has a soothing effect on the mind, helps with inner and outer tranquillity, heals relationships, fortifies existing relationships. It is a gemstone of creativitySpiritually the gemstone helps to connect with the Divine realm, enhances intuitive power and remain in faith.

The Emerald Gemstone is governed by planet Budh/Mercury, as per Vedic Astrology. The Emerald Bracelet in Silver caps can be worn by natives who have weak placement of planet Budh in their Natal Chart to get relief from the ill effects of malefic Mercury. Planet Budh/Mercury is the planet of analytical thinking, communication, intellect, humour and wit. Wearing this gemstone helps to acquire these qualities and also enhances creative skills.

Therapeutically, Emerald Gemstone strengthens the functions of the heart. It is said to be great in healing Eye problems. Heals diseases related to the pancreas, liver, lungs, kidneys and gall bladder. It soothes and heals skin irritation, rashes, Eczema and allergies.

The healing Emerald Bracelet with Silver caps is meritorious for everyone, and is highly recommended for writers, orators, lawyers, teachers, those in creative field, counsellors politicians and those seeking to attract a romantic partner.

Weight: approx. 55 carats
Silver Used: approx. 8 gms

Design: Made of pure Emerald beads in pure silver with caps.