Exotic Laxmi Ganesh Sarawati Idols in Emerald


INR 11,875


The divine triad of Goddess Saraswati, Laxmi and Lord Ganesh carved on a single piece of natural emerald gemstone is a blissful sight to behold. The embossed paintwork of gold and red adds to the alluring appeal of the idols. The idols are adorned beautifully within an arch and Lotus platform upon which the Deities are seen seated. Goddess Saraswati is featured holding Her divine weapon, Veena. Maa Laxmi is featured raising Her right hand in blessing pose while Her left hand is conferring gold coins as representation of inflow of wealth. Each of Her upper arm hold a Lotus flower. Lord Ganesh is also seen raising His hand in blessing pose while holding a sweet and weapons in His upper arms. Especially worshipped by businessmen and householders for combined blessing of wealth, intellect, auspiciousness, abundance, knowledge and success, the idol is suitable addition for your altar of your home or place of business. Emerald compliments the blessing of the Deities by promoting financial growth, communication, love, abundance and growth.

Height: 4.8 inches
Base Dimension: 3 (L) x 1.3 (W) Inches
Total Weight of set: 2228.6 carats