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Fasts and Festivals of India


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Authored by: Manish Verma
Published by: Diamond Books

Details: The book enlightens us about the Hindu festivals, fasts, rituals, holy baths and observance of sacred days which are a part and parcel of the great cultural heritage of India. They are religious, social and a great source of spiritual and moral enrichment. It contains a special chapter on the non-Hindu fasts and festivals, in particular of the Christians and Muslims. There are a number of festivals, celebrations, feasts and fasts which may be called non-Hindu festivals for the sake of convenience but they are essentially Indian and help us in understanding the rich cultural heritage of India.

Dimension of Book: 8.25 (H) X 5.5 (L) inches
Width: 7 mm
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 96
Language: English