Fusion Incense Medium With Exotic Incense Diffuser


INR 598


Aromafume Fusion Incense is a special pack combining several of the best Aromafume variants and is great for all moods and occasions.

Each Aromafume Incense brick is enriched with various natural ingredients including Agarwood, aromatic woods, exotic flowers and beautiful aromatherapy essential oils. It is a combination of the age old art of natural handmade incense with a variety of contemporary fragrances.

Traditionally, India, situated on the spice & frankincense trade route had a very strong historical connection to Incense. Large volumes of various spices from along the Indian coast made their way to the Middle East & Europe. Since those times, Incense was very well known as the most effective form of high quality aroma diffusion. Aromafume has kept alive this traditional practice and know how. Formulated from an age old secret recipe that is passed down from over five generations of perfumers, Aromafume presents the purest form of traditional Incense Bricks.

How to use
Place an Aromafume incense brick on the electric burner's metallic hot plate. Plug in the electric burner and switch on. Fragrant smoke, saturated with rich incense aroma will gradually rise and spread all over the room. Fragrant smoke continues for approx 20 min. Turn off the burner after approx 20 min and let it cool thoroughly before touching it. Discard the used Aromafume incense brick.

More long lasting than agarbattis, dhoop, kapur, camphor. Must for every Pooja Kit. Use for Religious ceremonies | Meditation | Home or office fragrance | Relaxation

Quantity: 20 pcs 
Weight: 30 gms each piece Approx
Height of Incense Diffuser: 2 inches
Base Diameter: 2.5 inches
Total weight of set: 205 gms approx.