Ganesh Puran


INR 180


Published by: Richa Prakashan

The son of Lord Shiva, the most powerful of the Hindu trinity, 'Ganesh' is one of the most prominent avatars, faithfully invoked and sincerely worshipped by a large number of devotees the world over.

'Ganesh, is said to be known by one hundred and eight names and is remembered on different occasions as the 'Remover of Obstacles'; 'God of Domestic Harmony' and of 'Success'. He is always invoked at the beginning of all Hindu ceremonies or festivals. Ganesh is the God of wisdom. Ardent worship of Shri Ganesh brings joy and prosperity to devotees. Reading/Listening to the Ganesh Puran leads to welfare and success in all human endeavours.

Dimension of Book: 8.5 (H) X 5.5 (L) Inches
Width: 10 mm
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 136