Ganesha Idol in Bronze - I


CAD 1,450.70


A magnificent Lord Ganesha Idol in heavy shining Bronze, is crafted by expert artisans from South India, with dexterity, features Lord Ganesha sitting on a beautifully carved blooming Lotus pedestal, with His legs half folded and His feet projecting out. The Idol is carved in detail of facial features, expressions and His Trunk is etched with designs and turns to the right side. A Kalash(pot) with Coconut is held in the crook of His Trunk, which accentuates His auspiciousness. In His right lower hand, He holds His broken piece of Tusk, which He had used as a pen to write the Epic Mahabharata, and in His left hand He holds His favourite Sweet, Modak. In His upper left arm He holds the Noose and in the upper right arm He holds the Goad and Axe. The Crown on His head is richly carved, His jewellery, including His Earrings and Anklet are artistically carved. Starting from His Crown to the tip of His feet every aspect is meticulously crafted, which makes this Lord Ganesha idol in Bronze perfect. As Bronze is durable, the idol can last for several years and pass down generations.

Lord Ganesha is worshipped all over the world as the God who eliminates obstacles from life and bestows success. He is the Pratham Pujya, the first Deity to be worshipped before commencing any Puja and brings auspiciousness. Each aspect of Lord Ganesha's form has a special meaning. He bestows wisdom, knowledge, intellect, good luck, prosperity, success in undertakings, artistic skills and abundance. He rewards devotees with sweet rewards for their good work.

The Lord Ganesha Idol in Bronze, with the Trunk turned to right denotes Siddhi Vinayak, who bestows Shiddhis, which means spiritual awareness, attainments and Moksha. In this idol, LordGanesha is depicted with His broken piece of Tusk in His right hand, which signifies dedication to one's work, strength and sacrifice. The Epic Mahabharata narrates that Lord Ganesha had broken His own Tusk to serve as a writing tool, in order to keep the flow of writing the great Epic, uninterrupted.

The Divinely brilliant Lord Ganesha Idol in Bronze can grace homes, living room, reception of office/business place, hotels, auditoriums etc.

Buy the auspicious Lord Ganesha Idol in Bronze to garner His benevolent blessings and illuminate the space with His Divine radiance.

Height: 15 inches
Base Dimension: 7.5 (L) x 9 (W)
Weight: 23.446 Kgs