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Gem Ring Making Options in Silver/Gold - Men


INR 1,13,400

INR 88,200

INR 63,000

INR 5,250

INR 4,900

INR 3,500


Your gemstone would be set in gold/silver rings in the design of your choice. Please specify on checkout if you want Bhasma and metal to be set in tubes in the ring.

Note: You have multiple Ring making options for your precious or semi-precious gemstone. Depending upon the amount of Gold/Silver that will be used, various Gold and Silver Rings Designs are classified in to three categories namely:
  • Heavy/Exotic Designs
  • Medium-heavy Designs
  • Regular/Slim Designs

  • To Browse and select one of our Ring Designs Please  CLICK HERE

    After you have selected one of the Ring Design in Gold or Silver, please select the said option in the 'Making Options' and please specify your ring size along with the choice of design code in the dropdown(s) provided. If you do not specify the design, we will choose a popular design of our choice.

    To know your Ring Size please visit our  Ring Size Guide

    If you wish to specify the size/design later, please send an email to  rudracentreteam@gmail.com