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Gems Planets and Vastu Mantras CD


INR 235.00


An exclusive collection of all Navgraha, Vastudosh, Dikdosh mantras & Gems worship mantra. Sung by renowned singer Shree Dalip Langoo. This cd contains mantras of:

  • Bhoomi Yantra
  • Bhoot Pret Badha Nivaran Yantra
  • Buddh yantra
  • Chandra Yantra
  • Dikdosh Nashak Yantra
  • Dikdosh Nashak Yantra
  • Grih Dosh Vaastu-Chakra Yantra
  • Guru Yantra
  • Ketu Yantra
  • Mangal Yantra
  • Matysa Yantra
  • Rahu Yantra
  • Shani Yantra
  • Shree Kaalsarp Yantra
  • Shree Vaastu Maha Yantra
  • Shri Navgraha Maha Yantra
  • Shukra Yantra
  • Surya Yantra
  • Vaastu Dosh Nashak Yantra
  • & Gems worship mantra

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