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Glimpses of the Gita


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This CD contains music by Vijay Prakash

  • Inner Voice Signature Shlok
  • The Philosophy Of Discrimination
  • 'Karma Yoga' The Path Of Action
  • 'Gyan Yog' The Path Of Wisdom
  • The Renunciation (Detachment) Of Action
  • Self Control (Atma Sayam Yog)
  • Knowledge And Experience
  • The Life Everlasting
  • The Science Of Sciences And The Mystery Of Mysterious
  • The Divine Manifestation
  • 'Vishwaroop Darshan' The Cosmic Version
  • 'Bhakti Yoga' The Path Of Love
  • Spirit And Matter
  • The Three Qualities 'Sattvic, Rajasic, Tamasic'
  • The Lord - God
  • The Divine And The Demonic Civilisation
  • The Threefold Faith
  • The Spirit Of Renunciation

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