Gomutra Arka


INR 140.00


This Goutheertha Ark of Desi Gir cow (Indian native cow breed) is processed and collected from farms of Rudra Centre in Nagpur. It is prepared after extensive research and tests by experts under strict quality measures making it easily digestible. Gomutra (cow urine) is revered in Ayurveda as a wonder drug. It helps boosts immunity, balances all three elements, Air (Vat), Bile (Pitta), and Mucous (kapha) and cures many diseases. It is beneficial in curing in several ailments like pains, abdominal disorders, constipation, skin disease, heart problem, cancer, wound, fever, leprosy cough, asthma, swelling, urinary disorders, eye diseases, jaundice, piles and problems of reproductive organs.

Quantity: 250 ml


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