Guru Kantha - Super Collector beads


SGD 1,157.30


This Kantha is prepared with high quality heavy, giant and smooth five mukhi Rudraksha beads from Nepal. 5 mukhi represents Lord Shiva and planet Jupiter (Brihaspati). Wearer of 5 mukhi gets blessings of the Upa Guru or Higher consciousness and develops high awareness, understanding, wisdom and gets oriented to the right direction in life. It is a Rudraksha of health and spirituality. It strengthens the immunity of the wearer. The mala is best worn daily or it may be worn during times of spiritual discipline.

Each bead is carefully selected to be a complete five mukhi and is strung as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy™ wherein each bead follows the right clockwise orientation to maximise effect of the mala.

  • Wisdom, memory, awakening Upaguru ( higher selves ).
  • Enhanced spirituality and connection with Lord Shiva.
  • For peace of mind and good health.
  • For enhanced immunity against diseases.
  • For benefic results from planet Guru.

  • Design: Made in woollen thread with wool spacers. A pure silver Om locket hangs below the sumeru.

    Origin: Nepal

    No. of beads: 32+1
    Bead size: approx. 26 to 28 mm
    Length: approx. 45 inches

    Available: 1 piece only. Same Kantha as shown in image will be sent.

    Beeja mantra: On Hreem Namah
    Planet Mantra: Om Brim Brihaspataye Namaha
    Deity Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya