Himalayan Rock Salt Natural Lamp


GBP 20.20

GBP 24.75


The Rock Salt Lamp is made from the salt extracted from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It emits positive ions in the environment.


  • It removes negative and dull energies from the environment
  • It provides peace of mind by removing stress, fear and tiredness
  • Enhances harmony and goodwill between members

  • Diameter: 5.75" (L) x 5.5" (B) x 8.25" (H)
    Weight: 3.9 Kgs

    Placement: Use in office/ home. Ideal to be placed near entrance or in living area

    Usage:- It has to be lit 24x7. If not lit, there would be accumulation of water due to the hygroscopic(water retaining) nature of salt.

    Voltage:- 15 volts and above. It consumes less electricity.

    Please note: Rock salt is soft and shows cracks(layers) and fissures on the surface and this does not impact its natural benefits.