Hindu Gods and Goddesses by Prem Bhalla


INR 835


Authored by: Prem Bhalla
Published by: Hindoology Books

Details: Hindu Gods and Goddesses - A glimpse into their vibrant world.

No major religion in the world can claim to have as many gods and goddesses as Hinduism. At the same time, no other religion has as many forms of worship and places of pilgrimage as do the Hindus. The plurality of gods and goddeses are not evidence of different streams of thought, neither are they there to create confusion: they fulfil a definite purpose. Each god and goddess is assigned a special responsibility. In their own sphere of activity, they are benevolent.

This book aims to assist understanding the Hindu ideology better and enable a person to live a better life with greater fulfilment of purpose. It satisfies the curious minds to understand the background of the gods and goddesses and also how they influence us in accomplishing our goals.

Dimension of Book: 11.25 (H) X 8.75 (L) inches
Width: 18 mm
Format: Paperback
Binding: Hardbound
Number of Pages: 170