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Hindu Sastras and Samskaras


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Authored by: V. A. K. Ayer
Editor: Dhiru S. Mehta
Published by: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Details: Sanskar is a commonly used variant of the Sanskrit word 'Samskara' and signifies cultural heritage and upbringing in modern Hindi.

Apart from the practices, the word "Samskara" is used in communication denoting the upbringing criteria of a Hindu. It is said that a boy with good Samskara does right and it is supposed that he will not fall in sin, i.e. Lust, Anger and Wine. It may be concluded that Samskara is a word to denote the qualitative quality among Hindus.

Dimension of Book: 7 (H) X 4.75 (L)
Width: 4 mm
Format: Paperback
Total Number of Pages: 63
Language: Slokas in Sanskrit and Meaning in English


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