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Introduction to Tantra Sastra


INR 195


Authored by: Sir John Woodroffe
Published by: Ganesh & Company

An Introduction to Tantra Sastra, by Sir. John Woodroffe is the book that is intended as a guide for beginners of practical Tantra, and those who are interested in Tantric field. He was a master in Tantra and a Tantric teacher also. Sir. John Woodroffes works on tantra like Serpent power, Shakthi, shaktha, Garland of letters are also popular classics on Hinduism that have shaped the common perception of Hinduism in the West.

This book including Siva and Sakti, sadhana, initiation, the lokas (planes of being) and the chakras.

Dimension: 8.5 (H) X 5.5 (W) inches
Depth: 9mm
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 157
Language: English
Weight: 185 gms