Invocation to the Lord - CD


INR 200


The deities of Hinduism embody the deepest experiences of devotees and worshippers. No aspirant goes empty-handed from the sanctum of the gods. This album brings you the most powerful mantras and chants that will protect and guide you in your life. We first invoke Ganapati, the benign god of good beginnings who brings success, wealth and happiness to those who worship him before they take up any endeavor. One who invokes Ganapati right at the start will undoubtedly come out in flying colours. We then invoke with Vedic chants, Shiva, the Lord whose very name signifies auspiciousness. The mantric names of Lord Venkateswara, the one who vouchsafes wealth and success to his devotees in the present age makes our consciousness ascend to the height of the seven hills. The mantras and chants of powerful deities like Narasimha (the lion-headed avatar of Vishnu), Lord Sundarshana (the power of Vishnu as embodied in his discus), Hayagreeva (the deity of wisdom and mastery of all arts and sciences) and Krishna, the greatest and most magnetic of Vishnus avatars enable us bring the divine blessings into our lives. Invocations is sure to elevate your soul and bring divine power to your life.

  • Ganapati Suprabatham
  • Ganapati Mantram
  • Shiva Pratasmaranam
  • Sri Rudram
  • Durga Abhyudharana Stotram
  • Sri Venkatesa Ashtottaram
  • Narasimha Dhyanam
  • Sudarshana Gayatri
  • Sudarshana Ashtakam
  • Hayagreeva Gayathri
  • Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva Dandakam
  • Raasakreeda

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