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Juniper Berry Oil


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The Juniper plant varies greatly in both appearance and size. It is referred to as both a bush and a tree, and can range in height from 3-35 feet. It grows best at altitude, but even this can differ greatly. In the Himalayas, it grows as low as 8800 feet and as high as 15,400 feet. The berries are harvested only once a year and are dried out thoroughly before the distillation process is started.

Juniper Berry Oil has long been used in traditional Indian medicine. It is applied to the patient externally as is regarded as a great pain reliever for many rheumatic conditions. It is also used to counteract Alopecia and as a styptic to heal open wounds.

  • Juniper Berry Oil is credited as a restoring, and a tonic aid.
  • It is excellent for the meditation process as it is found excellent in purifying and clearing the mind.
  • Juniper Berry essential Oil is also used in weight loss and detoxification.

  • Usage:
  • Mix few drops of oil in massage oil during body massage
  • Add few drops of oil in hot bath water during bath
  • Add few drops of oil in water and use in diffuser for lingering fragrance and relaxation
  • Rub on palms and inhale or apply on body parts for relief


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