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Kaali Face in Gomed - 22.25 Carats


SGD 43.03

SGD 69.43


Kali, the Dark Mother is one such deity with whom devotees have a very loving and intimate bond, in spite of her fearful appearance. In this relationship, the worshipper becomes a child and Kali assumes the form of the ever-caring mother.

She assumed the form of a powerful goddess and became popular with the composition of the Devi. During one of her battles with the evil forces, Kali was so much involved in the killing spree that she got carried away and began destroying everything in sight. To stop her, Lord Shiva threw himself under her feet. Shocked at this sight, Kali stuck out her tongue in astonishment, and put an end to the homicidal rampage.

Goddess Kaali in Gomed is imperative for those suffering from malefic effects of Rahu. Malefics of Rahu increases mental tension, and makes one angry & annoyed over small matters. One lacks decision-making power, and is always lost in day dreams and flights of fancies.

Recommended to be worn on body as a pendant, to give dual benefits of gomed gemstone and blessing of Kaali.

Idol can be set in a silver/gold locket.

Height: 31 mm
Width: 15 mm
Weight: 22.25 Carat
Price Per Carat : Rs 110