Kaali mata


CAD 53.51


Kaali Mata or Goddess Kaali idol crafted in detail on heavy Brass, in Her fierce mode. Kaali Mata has a long garland of human skulls and depicted in the idol with ten(10) hands, which is usually seen in Goddess Durga idols. Her hands are ready with a weapon in each, like the Gada, Bow, Sword etc. to attack the evil forces.

Kaali Mata is the fierce avatar of the Divine Mother, which She took to destroy the evil forces in order to protect Her children(devotees). Goddess Kaali helps Her devotees by removing fear and protects from negative or dark energies. Her protection is desire by everyone who is aware of Her immense power.

Keeping the idol of Kaali Mata in Brass at home in the puja alter and worshipping Her garners Her protection for the house and its inmates. She holds the hands of Her devotees and leads them on the right path, encouraging them to move ahead fearlessly in life.

Design: Made in heavy shining brass.
Height: Approx. 7.20 inches
Base Dimension : 3.9 (L) x 2.4 (W) inches
Weight: 1.031 Kgs