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Khus - Vetiver


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Khus is a perennial grass of Poaceae family which is native to India and has botanical name Chrysopogon zizanioides. Khus Oil is derived from it that contains over 100 identified components. It is available in amber brown and thick finish, the fragrance of which is deep, woody, sweet, smoky, amber, earthy and balsam. The characteristics of fragrant essential Oil are decided by factors such as where grass is grown and climate & soil conditions.

Vetiver (Vetiveria Zizanoides) is a perennial grass of the Poaceae which is native to India. "Vetiver" name is native to Tamil language. In old Tamil literature Vetiver is mentioned to be used for medical purposes.

Khus concentrate has its usage in Aroma Therapy & perfumes. It is a perfect cooling agent, tonic and blood purifier. It is known to cause a wonderful effect on the mind and body dispels irritability, anger and hysteria, while having a balancing effect.

Quantity: 100 ml.