Kurma Avatar


SGD 19.71


An ornate brass Kurma, ideal to place in your living room. Kurma was the second avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu. He took the form of a tortoise and sat on the bottom of the ocean after the Great Flood. A mountain was placed on his back by the other gods so that they could churn the sea and find the nectar of immortality and treasures.

This is placed in the West area of your home or office, with plate partially filled with water. This pacifies Shani and pleases Him. Also attracts wealth and abundance. It has been said in srimad bhagawatam that Shani Himself stated that He goes easy on those who worship this form of Lord Vishnu.

Mantra : Om Kurmaya Namaha
Design : Made in heavy shining brass.
Height : 1 inch
Length : 6 inches.
Width : 3.75 inches.
Weight : 300 gms