Lapis Lazuli pencil - 220 gms


INR 1,575.00


This healing stick pencil beholding natural Lapis Lazuli chips of high quality is used for aura cleansing and chakra balancing. Crafted with perfect geometry, the elongated and cylindrical shape of pencil with pointed end helps focus and direct the healing energy of gemstone to use on specific chakra or area of body. The healing energies of Lapis Lazuli especially helps heal the throat and third eye chakra and cure headache, stress, insomnia, and respiratory related ailments. Lapis Lazuli helps lessen anger and stimulates inner vision and desire for knowledge. The stick can also be used for reflexology, acupressure, negativity cleansing and balancing, relaxation, resolving queries, Physic surgery and Reiki healing.

Note: Please charge it by keeping over night in salt water and wash it with fresh water in morning and keep it in sun light for 2 - 3 hours once in 3 Months.

Height: 6.5 inches
Base: 1.3 inches
Weight: 220 gms


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