Left Handed Shankh - Small


INR 1,500.00


This classic Left Handed Shankh is a high quality heavy Shankha with natural smooth finish and used for all religious purposes. This naturally found Vaamavarti Shankha opens towards left hand (its bulge opens towards left side when the tip is facing north). The purpose of these Shankh is to offer holy water to the deities during puja and abhishek ritual.

Vamanavarti Shankh is associated with Goddess of wealth- Maa Laxmi. Placing the Shankh in North portion of dwelling facing South, helps to control the negative planetary effects. Water stored overnight in Conch is believed to have medicinal properties which helps cure intestinal and skin problems.

Dimension: 3.8 (H) x 1.9 (W) x 1.7 (D) inches
Weight: 110 gms