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Lord Kartikeya with his Peacock - I


INR 3,865


This charming idol of Lord Kartikeya gracefully standing on an elegant pedestal is crafted in heavy brass. Lord Kartikeya adorning a majestic crown and clad from head to feet with jewels looks truly divine. He raises his hand in Abhyam mudra, signifying blessings of fearlessness and Has His Shakti weapon- the Vel by His side signifying victory and vanquish. His Vahana (the mount) standing beside him with its featured tail in upright position adds to the charm of the diving idol. Lord Kartikeya also known as Skanda, Murugan and Subramanium is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is the God of war and victory and leader of army of Devtas(Gods) and personifies bravery, confidence, quick action and intelligence. This idol can be worshipped and placed in puja altar, living area or office space for blessings of victory, success and enhanced intelligence, leadership skills and confidence.

Height: 6 Inches
Base Diameter: 2.1 Inches
Weight: 758 gms