Maa Durga in Red Garnet


USD 277.63


Goddess Durga is the personification of victory and strength which empowers the mind, body and soul. The divine Goddess beautifully transcends in this idol, carved diligently on a natural red Garnet gemstone. The fine sculpting portrays Goddess seated on Her a tiger signifying Her sovereignty. Clad in sari, Goddess has Her right hand raised in blessing pose and holds weapons in Her multiple hands. The dexterity involved in carving the minute features like drapes of the sari, Her adornments and facial features in a single piece of gemstone reflects the mastery of craftsman. The Lotus at base and arc in curved pattern supporting the back with Om carving on reverse side adds to the auspiciousness of the divine idol. Goddess Durga is the divine Shakti. Her worship provides protection from negative energies and miseries and courage to overcome hardships in life. Red Garnet brilliantly complements with the divine blessings of the Goddess. It increases positivity and self-esteem and removes fears of insecurity. It helps convert crisis into opportunities. It is particularly helpful in stimulating the kundalini energy (life force energy). Businessmen seeking success in their business are higher beneficiaries of this divine idol. This visually appealing idol of Goddess Durga would make a graceful addition in your puja altar, study or desk table or car dashboard.

Height: 1.8 inches
Base dimension: 1.8 (L) x 0.7 (B) inches
Weight: approx. 296.13 Carats / 59.23 gms

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