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Maha Sudarshan Yantra Locket in Silver - 3D


AUD 38.85

AUD 65.68


Diameter: 19 mm
Weight: 8.6 gms

This Yantra is the prime protective yantra. The Sudarshan refers to the discuss of Vishnu, weapon to repel and punish evil and it is constructed from the pure flame of the sun. It is a dynamic yantra in that the construction represents whirling wheel of sacred flame that keeps all negativity, illness, misfortune and so on at bay. Within the body of the Yantra are inscribed sacred beeja mantras or seed syllables that have proven their efficacy as protective talismans. When wearing this Yantra, the devotee visualizes himself being in the centre of this sacred circle of sun-fire, secure and protected from all harm and ill that might befall him/her.

Mantra - Om Namo Narayanaya!

Blessed and Energised