Maharaja Puja Thali


INR 5,100


An all-inclusive plate that organizes your puja items for all religious occasions. It is good for daily pujas and for special occasions like Rakshabandhan, Diwali, Navratri, house warming etc. It is made in solid and shining brass with fine finish.

Puja thali or Puja plate is a tray or large container on which the entire puja materials are accumulated and decorated. In Hindu religious occasions, festivals, traditions and rituals, puja thali maintains an auspicious role. Puja thali may be made of steel, gold, silver, brass or any other metal; it may be rounded, oval or any other shaped or with little engravings and other decorations. You may gift to your near and dear ones on festive occasions. All articles come enclosed in a Jute bag.

This Puja Thali contains:

Diya (oil lamp) - This Diya can be used in two ways as it comes with a handle. It can be placed in the Puja Thali and also while offering the Aarti to God & everyone after completion of Puja.
Kapoor dani - It is used to burn kapoor (camphor) before God and for Aarti.
Incense stick holder - This Incense holder can hold multiple incense sticks.
Haldi, Kumkum, Akshat container - This container with lid has three compartments inside that can carry Haldi, Kumkum and Akshat.
Kalash - The Kalash is used for holding water or milk for abhishek.
Offering bowl - This deep bowl is for holding sweet prasad like halwa or dry fruits or kheer.
Panchpatra - The Panchpatra and Pali (spoon) set is for holding water or panchamrit used in the puja ritual.
Bell - The sweet tinkling vibration of the bell calms the mind.

Dimension Of Thali:
Diameter: 12 inches
Weight: approx. 555 gms

Dimension Of Diya:
Height: 2 inches
Weight: approx. 120 gms

Dimension Of Kapoor Dhani:
Length: 5.2 inches
Weight: approx. 54 gms

Dimension Of Incense stick holder:
Height: 2.8 inches
Weight: approx. 80 gms

Dimension Of Haldi, Kumkum, Akshat container:
Height: 1.9 inches
Weight: approx. 55 gms

Dimension Of Kalash:
Height: 2.8 inches
Weight: approx. 140 gms

Dimension Of Offering bowl:
Height: 2.2 inches
Weight: approx. 95 gms

Dimension Of Panchpatra:
Height: 2.3 inches
Weight: approx. 72 gms

Dimension Of Pali:
Height: 4.8 inches
Weight: approx. 44 gms

Dimension Of Bell:
Height: 4.4 inches
Weight: approx. 145 gms

Total Weight of the set: approx. 1.360 kgs