Mahasudarshan Ratna Shakti yantra - I


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Mahasudharshan Yantra represents Lord Vishnu’s celestial weapon – Sudarshan(discuss). It is placed in home/office/shop for protection from negative energies and for blessings of victory. Beautifully and artistically embossed on natural Orange Aventurine gemstone, it promotes alertness, cheerfulness, creativity, good fortune, strength and new opportunities when placed in your dwelling.

Yantra benefits:
  • Removes negativity and obstacles
  • Provides mental and physical strength
  • Gives success in disputes and legal matters

  • Placement: Place the Yantra with stand near the entrance or in your living room or reception or study room or office cabin in the East direction facing West.

    Planet: Moon
    Chakra: Swadhisthana (Sacral)

    Height: 7 inches
    Width: 5 inches
    Depth: 0.8 inch
    Weight: 1.02 kgs