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Mata ki Chunri Rose Gold Border Latkan


INR 1,075

INR 1,075


A lovely Mata ki Chunri is for offering as a stole to Divine Mother, during Puja and other religious ceremonies as a drape. The Net cloth Chunri looks attractive with a traditional Gold border and attractive embroidery around the border is beautiful. There are aesthetic patterns spread evenly over the body of the Chunri and Latkans dangle from one side of the border, adding to its overall appeal. During religious ceremonies, the Chunri is draped around Goddess Idols or Photo frames as a mark of honour. The Mata Ki Chunri is available in Orange and Yellow colours.

The Chunri can be used as an Alter cloth to seat Deity Idols, Yantras and is sure to illuminate your Alter with its brightness. The Chunri is also used by women devotees to cover their heads or wrap around shoulders during Puja or religious ceremonies. Often the Devi Chunri is kept at home after offering to Goddesses as a symbol of Her blessings and protection.

This vibrant Mata ki Chunri is desirable, especially during festivals like Navaratri or Diwali.

Dimensions: 76 (L) x 39 (W) Inches