Mysore Sandalwood Dhoop sticks


INR 200


The Mysore Sandalwood Dhoop sticks have a Woody and Earthy scent with spicy and warm tones. These Dhoop sticks are completely organic and made with pure Mysore Sandalwood, aromatic Herbs and Cow Dung. The subtle scent of the Mysore Sandalwood Dhoop sticks linger in the atmosphere long after the Dhoop stick has burnt out.

Sandalwood is offered in many forms to various deities in the Hindu pantheon, which makes the Mysore Sandalwood Dhoop sticks apt for burning during Puja, meditation, other spiritual practises or it can be simply burnt for its pleasant aroma which promotes positive thinking, stability, security and grounds energies.

Rudra Centre Dhoop Incenses are made with 100% natural ingredients mixed with pure Cow Dung and can be safely used regularly. Our organic Dhoop Incenses does not contain Charcoal, Bamboo and Sulphur, which are hazardous to health. The dhoop sticks available in the market use all these ingredients, which may cause serious diseases and ailments. Being organic, our dhoop sticks have a subtle and soft aroma, which is consistent in nature. The hard-hitting aroma of normal dhoop sticks is because they are dipped in scents, which are chemicals. Charcoal and Bamboo when burnt can even cause cancer and lung related ailments, as per scientific research and burning Bamboo, in any form, is incorrect, as per Shashtras. Our Dhoop sticks burn right down its length, even without presence of Charcoal as a catalyst to burn. Our aim is to deliver incenses which are safe for your body, mind, soul and the environment around you.

How to use the Dhoop sticks:
  • We provide a stand to burn the Dhoop sticks along with the packet. You can make the dhoop stick stand on it and carefully light it on the end which is on top.
  • You can use a single dhoop stick in segments by cutting it into the length that you want. Since it is soft, segmenting it is easy.
  • The smoke from these dhoop sticks are whitish, rather than thick and black, as there is no Charcoal in it. Thus, it does not leave black shoot marks on the ceiling or walls of your home.
  • The subtle aroma and smoke from our dhoop sticks easily spread in your dwelling.
  • The 100% organic nature of our dhoop sticks ensures that the smoke does not cause burning sensation in your eyes.

  • Precautions for Buring the Dhoop sticks:
    The Dhoop sticks should be burnt in a well ventilated room. Windows should be kept open.Keep the burning Dhoop stick away from the reach of children.

    No. of sticks: 30
    Dimension of Box: 1.2 (H) x 5.5 (W) x 3.7 (D) inches