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Nandi in Pure Silver - II


INR 22,500


Nandi bull seated on beautifully designed dais is crafted in finest quality silver. In this idol, Nandi is clad with jewels and an elegantly designed quilt is placed on His back. The face and feet are seen in relaxation pose except for the front right leg which symbolise eternal waiting with alertness. The tail is tucked in as a matter of submission and humility. With fine finish and high-polish finish which gives a brilliant shine, the Nandi idol looks very charming and graceful. Nandi is placed such that it faces the Shivalingam. Nandi (bull) is the trusted mount of Lord Shiva and an integral part of Shiva parivar (family. It is believed to transport true prayers of the devotees to Lord Shiva.

Height:  2.8 inches
Base Dimension: 3.5 (L) x 2.8 (W) inches
Weight:  125 gms