Nandi Marble Idol - III


INR 23,925


Nandi Bull Idol in premium Marble features Nandi Bull seated on a floral design pedestal. Clad in an appealing golden designer shawl on the back, the Nandi idol is perfect for installing in temple or home. The bell, necklace and horns of Nandi bull are also hand painted in golden color to accentuate the idol’s look. With a Tripundra tilak on the forehead, the Nandi idol resonates with Lord Shiva’s energies.

Nandi, the Bull is the Vahana (vehicle) and companion of Lord Shiva. An idol of Nandi Bull is always seen outside Shiva temples as He transports our prayers to the God. Worshipping Nandi Bull is not only auspicious but also beneficial for intensifying the power of prayers.

Height: 7.75 inches.
Base Dimension: 9.5 (L) x 5 (W) inches.
Weight: 6.975 Kgs