Navgraha Yajna Herbs and sticks


EURO 11.27


This set contains 18 natural samidha sticks and herbs for Navagrahas. Each herb and stick represents an astrological planet. When offered in holy fire of Yajnas and Homams, they cause favorable stimulations of qualities of related planet.

Navgraha sticks and herbs:
  • Surya: Bel (Wood apple) and Madar /Arka (Mudar) symbolise planet Sun which promotes strength and authority.
  • Chandra: Dhak sticks (Butea) and Khirni (Ceylon iron wood) symbolise planet Moon which promote optimism and memory.
  • Rahu: Chandan (Sandalwood) and Durva (Bermuda grass) symbolise planet Rahu which promotes confidence and fearlessness.
  • Ketu: The Khush grass (Halfa grass) and Ashwagandha sticks (Indian ginseng) symbolise planet Ketu which promotes spiritual knowledge and power of discrimination.
  • Mangal: Khair wood (marsh mallow) and Anantmool herb (Indian Sarasaparilla) symbolise planet Mars which promotes energy and passion.
  • Budh: Vidhara (woodrose) and Aparamarag (Prickly Chaff) symbolise planet Mercury which promotes high intellect and good communication.
  • Guru: Haldi herb (Turmeric) and Peepal wood symbolise planet Jupiter which promotes wisdom and abundance, the defining qualities of Jupiter.
  • Shukra: Sarpankhi root and Gular (cluster fig) symbolise planet Venus which promotes love and creativity.
  • Shani: Bichu herb (martynia annua) and Shami wood (Cikura pod) symbolise planet Saturn (Shani) which promotes discipline and regulation, the defining qualities of Saturn.

  • Quantity: approx. 50 gms each
    Total Weight: 900 gms