Om Ganesha Haldi Kumkum Container in Silver - Set of 2


EURO 92.66


This magnificent set contains two traditionally designed holders that are made in the shape of the mango fruit. Carved in pure silver, one of these containers have the auspicious ‘OM’ inscribed on it whereas, the other container has intricately etched Lord Ganesha on it. Combination of glossy and matt finish silver makes these set even the more beautiful. The unique feature of these containers is that, each container is divided into two so that you can store two things at a time in it. This set is sure to add value to your puja alter. You can use this container to keep puja offering like rice, turmeric, kumkum or other auspicious items. The innovative and attractive designs and meticulous carvings would also make this set an ideal spiritual gift.

Height of each container: 0.4 inch
Width of each container: 1.2 inches
Weight of the set: 44 gms