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Ornate Kalash II


INR 6,075


A beautiful ornately designed pot with designer coconut and leaves in metal.

This Kalash with coconut is a sign of auspiciousness and grace. It is made with elegant artworks in gold and silver finish all over its metal body and decorative chains with pellets around its neck and the wider base. Kalash is the most fundamental part of the Vedic rituals. The kalash is placed with due rituals on all important occasions like the traditional house warming (grahapravesh), wedding, daily worship etc. It is placed near the entrance as a sign of welcome.

Height of Kalash: 6.25 inches
Centre Diameter of Kalash: 5 inches
Top Diameter of Kalash: 3.3 inches
Height of Set: 10.25 inches
Weight: 710 gms