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Parad lingam on pure silver Yoni base - III


INR 6,12,900


A big Siddh Parad Lingam with Silver coating is mounted on a gloriously beautiful pure Silver Yoni base, with Snake, is made as per specifications from ancient texts. The Parad(Mercury)Lingam is one of the most auspicious, pure and best Lingam to worship as Parad signifies Lord Shiva, Himself and the Shivling is the infinite form of Lord Shiva. The pure Silver Yoni Base is meticulously carved with rich traditional floral patterns on its exterior, including the base stand. The inner side of the Yoni base is carved with fine patterns, and the Yoni outlet is properly made to let the Abhishek liquid flow out easily. The pure Silver Snake is carved with precision and coils around the base of the Parad Lingam to rise above with its fanned hood spread protectively over the Lingam. This Shivling looks exceptionally beautiful and awe inspiring. Worshipping the Parad Lingam bestows prosperity, good fortune, luck, happiness, abundance and much more.

Mercury or Parad Lingam is made by solidifying Mercury through 8 stages of Samskaras (purification) as per Parad Samhita. Read More

Lord Shiva is pure consciousness. The Yoni base of the Shivling represents Goddess Adi Parashakti, the Divine feminine, Prakriti which unites with the Lingam/Purusha, Divine masculine which is the point of creation of all beings and the point of dissolution, at the end of time. The Snake represents the Kundalini Shakti(spiritual power) which rests dormant in the Muladhara(Root) Chakra, which can be raised with spiritual practices, till it reaches the Sahasrara(Crown) Chakra. The presence of Shivling shields the dwelling with protection, brings positive energies. Worshipping it bestows good health, peace, balance, prosperity, unity, harmonious relationships, positive transformation, healing of spiritual growth and benevolent blessings of the Divine Lord. Meditating on the Shivling brings awareness, expands consciousness and is the best way to align with the Shiva Tatva.

The Parad Lingam brings its own high vibration and qualities which combine with powerful Shivling energies making it a supremely potent Shivling to worship. The Shivling is worshipped by conducting Abhishek, sacred bathing, with Water and fresh Cow Milk and other liquids, which are Curd, Ghee, Honey, along with chanting of Lord Shiva Mantras.

Install the supremely powerful Parad Lingam on pure Silver Yoni base and worship it with pure intentions for material blessings, name, fame, high positions/portfolio at work, abundance, strength, progeny and other miraculous gifts from Lord Shiva.

Placement: Place the Yoni base such that it faces North direction. Then the west face of the lingam is worshipped.

Dimension of silver yoni base:
Height: 12 inches (top of snake till bottom)
Length of Yonibase: 11.5 inches
Base Diameter: 4.2 inches
Diameter of Lingam holder: 2.3 inches
Total weight of silver: 1.955 Kgs

Dimension of Parad lingam:
Height: 6.5 inches
Centre diameter: 2.8 inches
Weight: 5.220 Kgs

Total weight of set: 7.175 kgs