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Parad (Mercury) Lingam - 100 gms


INR 5,000


This Siddh Parad Lingam is made of alchemical mercury which is prepared after undergoing 8 stages of purification as per Parad Samhita. Just as the Siddh Parad symbolises stability, which is attained by destroying unsteadiness of mercury, meditating upon the Siddh Parad Lingam enhances concentration and calms the fickle mind with ease. Worshipping a Parad Lingam blesses the devotee with spiritual growth, protection, good health, prosperity, progeny and longevity while dispelling the Vastu defects of the place where the Lingam is installed. It may be installed in a pure silver, brass, stone or a gemstone yoni base and worshipped at home.

Height: 1.5 inches
Centre diameter: 0.7 inches
Weight: 100 gms