INR 195


Om Kaaram is the primordial sound which formed the structural basis for the entire creation, the sound which was let out by the Lord during the creation to sustain its existence. Omkaara is the true essence of all holy words, a fact, expounded by its Upanishads. Hence no religious or social activity would be complete without the contemplation on Pranavam (OM) or its varied aspects.

The special feature of the OmKaara meditation is enhancement of self-esteem and eradicating all pessimism. As a result, the mind is filled with spiritual aura and radiates positive vibration.The product titled pranavam (New Age vibrations) is designed to ensemble all the mantric sounds which promotes the achievement of this goal.

Tracks: Omkara Ashtottarashatanama Stotram Followed by Poorna Tatvam & Concluding with Omkara Dhyanam.

Available Quantity: 2