Prosperity Shell Artifacts


INR 1,300.00


This beautiful artefact made of varied sized shells picked from various parts of sea and naturally grown red, white and black chirmi beads. It serves dual purpose of warding off negative energies and embellishing your home décor. Chirmi or Gunja beads are known to attract wealth, abundance, fame and success. Shells are known to attract wealth and auspiciousness. Place this artefact in your lockers, cash box or centre of room.

Dimension of Shell: 2.8 (H) x 2.8 (W) Inches
Number of Chirmi seeds: 27
Weight of set : 103gms
7 Mukhi : 1
Size of beed : 15 mm

Warning:- Not to be consumed or worn on body directly. They are toxic by nature. Keep away from children.