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Radha Krishna in pure silver


INR 30,960


Radha and Krishna illustrated beautifully in this awe-inspiriting idol which is made in pure silver. Featured standing above a neatly designed pedestal, Krishna is featured standing with His left leg in crossed position involved in playing flute while Radha leans on Him and seemingly enchanted by the music of flute. The sincere effort of craftsman to remind of the divine tale of love of Radha and Krishna is vivid in this idol through the perfect body structure, folds of clothing and intricate work of jewels. With an assurance to fill any space with energy of serenity, bliss and calmness, the divine idol is apt to install in your living area, workplace, puja altar or study/work desk.

Height: 3.7 Inches
Length: 2.8 Inches
Width: 1.4 Inches
Weight: 172 gms