Radha Krishna Shawl in Soft Jacquard Fabric


INR 600


Lord Krishna is depicted as the god of love, and he chose his love prey with great attention and won their hearts over. The kind of love and dedication that Radha showcased for Krishna are fantastic and hard to find in any other love pair.

It is said that Krishna returns at the end of each age to save the righteous, destroy sin, and establish goodness and holiness. He Rules over Erotic delights, sexual pleasures, love, music, savior from sins.

Made in soft Jacquard fabric. Jacquard weave is a fabric in which the design is incorporated into the weave instead of being printed or dyed on.

This beautiful shawl is used for draping over body on religious occasions or as altar cloth.

Length x Width: 82 x 28 inches 
Fabric: Jacquard
Design: Love couple Radha Krishna woven beautifully in shawls of resplendent colors.

Shawls are fluorescent in color.

Available colours: Lemon Green, Dark Green, Deep Pink, Light Pink and Orange.

Please specify the colour choice and quantity of each colour on checkout.