Red Chirmi beads box


INR 375


Gunja or Chirmi beads grow in the dense forests of Aravali mountain range in India. They are found in white, red and black colours and said to represent Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Kali and Goddess Mahalaxmi respectively. So they are kept in lockers, money boxes or purses to attract wealth, health, prosperity and good luck. These beads are also very protective and save possessor from any type of physical harm, so travellers used to carry them in pouches on their body.

The white and red gunja beads are also closely associated with Radha and Krishna. It is mentioned in Vidagdha-Madhava that Sri Radha sheds tears upon seeing gunja “gunjanna ca vilokanan muhur asau sasram parikrosati”. She cries because seeing gunja beads she is reminded of her love for Krishna.

Contents: Set of 27 beads in a decorative brass container.

Dimension of brass container:
Height: 1.1 inches
Width: 1.2 inches
Weight: approx. 20 gms

Warning:- Not to be consumed or worn on body directly. They are toxic by nature. Keep away from children.