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Red Jade Kurma - 180 gms


CAD 37.13


Beautifully carved Kurma (Tortoise) from natural Red Jade gemstone. The Red Jade gemstone is charged with fire energy and gives vitality, energy, strength, will power, knowledge, creativity and can usher in the desired good life. It also posses protective energies, especially protection from accidents. Since ancient times Red Jade has been use to attract good luck.

The Kurma is an auspicious symbol. Lord Vishnu appeared in the Kurma avatar when a base was required for the Mandara mountain to be placed on it for the legendary churning, during Samudra Manthan. As per mythology, the powerful Lord Saturn is said to have bestowed a boon to Kurma that, anyone who has the Kurma will not be effected by the malefic effects of planet Saturn.

The Red Jade Kurma is perfect to be placed in business/office and home to bring in positive energies, good luck, harmony and longevity.

Height: 1.35 inches
Length: 3.7 inches
Width: 2.15 inches
Weight: 180 gms

Direction: Place the mouth of the tortoise facing West direction.