Sacred Designer Shankh


INR 27,700


Exquisite pure white 6 inches long natural clean white Conch Shell from South India, hand decorated in Siamese silver and colored enamel. Crafted by skilled artisans the pieces have been designed by Richard Brown (World-renowned gemologist and Jewelry designer). The naturally found Vaamavarti Shankha is associated with the Goddess of wealth - Maa Laxmi. Natural Shankh are considered very auspicious and beneficial. They are one of the Ashtamangala meaning one of the eight most sacred and auspicious objects in the Universe and thus are extensively used for various Puja rituals. Placing the Shankh in the North portion of dwelling facing South, helps to control the negative planetary effects. You may use the Designer Shankh with Pure Silver Work for Puja purposes or you may keep it on your Puja altar to add color and vibrancy.