Salagrama Kosha


INR 1,500


Authored by: Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao
Published by: Sri Satguru Publications

Salagramas are celebrated as visible symbols of the supreme god of Vishnu, and are worshipped all over the country by devout Hindus. It is therefore rather strange that till now there has been no comprehensive publication on the subject either in English or in any of the Indian languages. The Salagrama kosha has been written in two volumes.

The first volume deals with the Salagrama lore in its entirety, while the second volume focuses attention on other details of formal worship like Bana-linga (for Siva), Sona-sila(for Ganesha), and Dhatu-patra and Yantra (for Devi). It also contains a detailed description of necessary accessories of worship like Ghanta (Bell), Sankha (Conch), Arati (waving of light), rosaries of Rudraksha and Tulasi, Pedestals (Pitha-asana), etc.

These publications made extensive use of manuscripts, most of which were in the personal library of the author. These books can be therefore be considered as original contributions to Indology, being based on material that has not yet been published or translated.

Limited Edition

Dimension of each Book: 9.8 (H) x 7.4 (L) Inches
Width of each book: 24 mm
Total No. of pages: 670
Format: Paper Back
Binding: Hardbound
Weight: 1311 gms