INR 295


Shlokas For Peace, Harmony, Bliss

Being the ninth in the PRAGNYA series, Amruthavarsha a prayer companion is a unique compilation of popular Shlokas from our sacred, profound Vedic Sanskrit Literature. It is a novel attempt to create awareness about the importance of proper pronunciation of Sanskrit Sholkas, through simple English transliteration and supporting vocals, along with English meanings. These Sholkas are included for their usefulness in daily practice, for their highest spiritual quality and for their illuminating effects.

Free book of shlokas in English with this CD.

  • Introduction
  • Praarthana
  • Ganapathi Stotram
  • Sri Ganesh pancharatnam
  • Guru Stotram
  • Upadesha Panchakam
  • Shatpadhi Stotram
  • Pushpam
  • Shaathi Mantraaha
  • Kshama Praarthana

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