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Shiv Netra Golden Crystal Shaligram Shila Pendant


SGD 339.85


Shaligrams are ammonite fossils which are considered to be aniconic representation of Lord Vishnu. This beautiful Shaligram Shila is shaped like Lord Shiva’s all seeing 3rd Eye and has crystal & gold deposits which not only enhances the beauty of the Shaligram Shila but also blesses the devotee with positivity and abundance. This Shaligram Shila has been made into a beautiful pendant in 925 Sterling Silver so it can be worn daily. The Shaligram Shila Pendant will be energized before it is shipped to you.

Benefits of Shiv Netra Golden Crystal Shaligram Shila Pendant:
  • Shiva’s 3rd Eye Blesses the devotee with Clairvoyance, Intuition, Foresight
  • Acceptance and Calmness to handle tough situations
  • Peace, Positivity, Abundance & Prosperity

  • Dimension of Shaligram:
    Height: 0.4 inches
    Length: 1.3 inches
    Width: 0.8 inches
    Weight: 14 gms

    Weight of silver: approx. 17.800 gms