Shiva Parivar Artifact


INR 18,290.00


A marvelous artifact of the divine Shiva Parivar. Made with fine features with glittering added to enhance its beauty, this pristine Idol is ideal to be placed in your living room or altar. 

Shiva is "The Auspicious One". He is the creator as well as the destroyer. He creates goodness and destroys evil. Shiva is the greatest of renouncers as well as the ideal lover. His Family Shiva Parivar with Parvati, Ganesha and kartikeya marks the symbol of prosperity, harmony and an ever happy family. 

This idol of shiv parivar in his cave is a magnificent divine family. Parvati looks radiant besides Lord shiva, and Lord Ganesh seated in the lap of parvati and and kartikeya standing with Shiva. 

Benefits of worshipping Shiv Parivar: 
• Regular worship of the Shiva Parivar yields overall prosperity in a family. 
• It keeps the family united. 
• Gives the divine blessings of these 4 deities together. 
• It is also an ideal gift for newlywed couples & for those moving in new houses. 

This cabinet idol can be placed at any visible and clean place like showcase, temple in your home or office. It can also be placed on your work desk. Moreover, you can gift it to your near and dear ones. 

Height - 13 Inches
Base Dimension - 11.5"(L) x 7.5"(B) Inches
Weight - 3.964 Kgs