Shiva Puja Kit with DVD


INR 4,000.00


Puja of Lord Shiva is done for spiritual ascension, health, harmony and success. Lord Shiva is the Supreme God, the Auspicious One. Worshipping Him purifies the soul and helps one attain spiritual liberation. The puja removes diseases and brings in peace, prosperity and inner bliss.

This Kit is prepared by taking into consideration all the ingredients that would be needed for performing Shiva Puja. The enclosed DVD has step by step instructions on performing the puja.

All the ingredients packed are natural, sacred and of high quality and are for one elaborate puja. These are neatly packed in a plastic box for safe transport and easy storing purpose.

White Altar Cloth
Brass Kalash with Nariyal
Hindu Tilak set
Gomutra - 30 ml
Gangajal - 100 ml
Rose water - 100 ml
Ghee diya - set of 5
Ghee - 100 ml
Dhoop stick - 50 gms
Supari (betel nut)
Pack of Supari, Clove, Cardamom
Akshat - 50 gms
Panchmeva - 50 gms
Janeu - set of 2
Mouli (holy thread)
Kapus Vastra
Honey - 25 gms
Attar - 3 ml
Kapur - 50 gms
Vibhuti (bhasma) - 50 gms
Kharik, Badam - each of 5 pcs
Long Cotton wicks (single)
Om Namah shivaye shawl
Theertha powder - 50 gms
Artificial Betel Leaf and Betel nuts
Plastic Bowls for distributing prasadam